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American football plainly referred to as football in Canada and the United States or gridiron football is a game that consists of two teams of eleven players. Its roots stem from two other sports rugby and soccer, but it wasn’t until 1880 when a famous rugby player called Walter Camp initiated rule changes that transformed rugby into American football. Fans describe it as a sport that invokes differing images; team brotherhood, school spirit, vulgar talk and deliberately inflicting injuries on another. It explains the continued controversy around the game despite its popularity. On the flipside, most American presidents pay homage to the sport for their success in life as they played it when they were young.

The Best American Football Teams

The primary teams that play American football include:

  • The National Football League (NFL): Players are rewarded for playing
  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association: The team plays college football for the pride of their school or to garner a chance to join the NFL

The Basics of American Football

As earlier highlighted the sport has two teams of eleven players. Each team has four chances also referred to as downs. One team tries to advance the ball to the end zone while the opposing side tries to stop it.  If the team is successful, it scores six points but if it isn’t possession reverts to the opposing team. Teams may also score by kicking the ball past the goalpost erected at the back of the end zone or carrying the ball to the other team’s end zone. The successful team has a chance to score more points with additional point conversion.

American Football BettingAmerican Rules Football

Certain rules and regulations are enforced by officials who determine when a team scores. For example, a professional American football game lasts sixty minutes which is divided into four 15 minute quarters. After two quarters, the players rest during halftime. Additionally, if the teams have a draw after the four quarters, the officials give the teams an extra quarter referred to as overtime.

What is American Football Betting?

Today more regular NFL seasons are planned on UK soil, yet American Football betting has become increasingly popular both in the US and in countries outside the US. There are three NFL bets; the Handicap, the Total Points, and the Money Line. The handicap is used as the reference point for determining relative chances and is the most popular method of betting on the NFL in North America. In Europe however, bookmakers offer a two-way win market on the outcome of the game which is simple and straightforward for new gamblers. When bettors have acquainted themselves with the sport, they can use different markets to find an edge.

Tips on How to Bet on American Football Betting

After learning the basics of American Football Betting, you may want to explore strategies that increase the odds of winning NFL bets:

  • Spread betting

Also referred to as the line is a type of side bet that levels the chance of winning a bet. Bettors may obtain it for any team and is accompanied by a + or- sign which indicates whether the team is a favourite or a ‘loser.’ The (-110) is shown next to the spread which is also referred to as the odds or juice. It represents the portion taken from the better if he wins the bet.

  • Moneyline bets

They are believed to be more profitable when betting on underdogs. A money line bet is placed on the favourite team or the ‘loser’ to win straight up. For example, if NY Giants have -600 chances and Dallas Cowboys have a +450 chance to win $100 betting on the NY Giants team the gamers should place $600. Those betting on the Dallas Cowboys, however, earn $450 in profits for a $100 bet. The bet presents high risks and low rewards hence bettors may decide to place a smaller bet on the underdog- Dallas Cowboys team.

  • First half lines and Quarters

Most bettors place wagers on any sport based on the expected outcome of the contest. However American Football Betting for NFL and NBA there are first quarters and first half lines on offer. Officials use the quarter spreads to determine the winner of the 1st quarter.

  • Halftime lines

Bettors may also place in-game bets during halftime that determine the outcome of the second half also referred to as the halftime. The results of the 2nd half line account for what happened in the first half and determine the results of the rest of the game plays out. A half-time bet restarts the games at 0-0.


For many folks betting on sports is a big deal but gambling on American football is undoubtedly the champion in all betting totals compared to NHL, NBA and MLB. It’s pretty much a rite of passage for guys who are fun and enjoy every challenge the football season has to offer. Note that betting on football involves making a calculated risk that tells apart the fan from the better. Smart bettors factor in the ups and downs of the football season and don’t make it personal. They learn from the losses and their fellow winners. Casual gamblers may, however, find it draining and frustrating hence the need to approach this new found hobby like a marathon rather than a sprint. The following pointers may come in handy:

  • Set a realistic bankroll: football betting becomes a problem when you find yourself using rent money or your kid’s college fund
  • Avoid using the homer approach; betting is hardly about the team you like you want to make some real good money
  • Place bets based on reliable sources; consider using licensed bookmakers

Check out our list above for the best sports betting websites and try your hand at betting on American Football games.

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