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Football betting in Australia is raging because so many Australians love it. When it comes to sports betting, few games match up to the enthusiasm, zeal, and thrill that football betting has. From the month of March up to September, there are 18 AFL clubs who contend to get the trophy of being the winner of Australian football. So, well, you can guess the fan following of football among Australians.

Foremost betting sites in Australia

Aussie Rules Football being such a popular sport in Australia where it is also called footy or football, a lot of online sites have come up that compete against each other to provide the best bets and opportunities to players. But with so many options, choosing the right one for oneself also becomes a difficult task. Failing to make the right judgment might land you in jeopardy and you will end up losing a lot of money.  Therefore, to avoid all such mishaps, we have prepared a list of sites where you can safely bet your money on football.

Here, we let you know all about Australian football betting online. Be it the bets or the major championships where you can participate, keep reading and scrolling to become a pro at Aussies rules football betting online.

How to compare online football betting sites

Aussie Rules Football BettingComparing football betting sites is very important because there are so many in number and you cannot tell the good from the bad ones. They all look attractive and promise you good bonuses and bets but not all of them are genuine. So, when you go looking for a site to play football betting on, make sure you pick a site that has a license or recommendation from some prestigious review site or a jurisdiction authority.

Since sports betting online is legal in Australia, you do not need to worry about checking this but make sure your site has a license from the state authority. Next, you need to look at the wagering requirements the site gives to its customers and the limits it places on the payouts. Compare different sites and then select the one where the limits are the least and so are the requirements.

Also, make sure you take full advantage of the bonuses at a site and choose the site which has fair and decent bonus offers. Aussies Rules Football betting is offered by a huge number of sites so this task will be time taking if you are not willing to devote that much time, then feel free to refer to the list of best sites that we have given above, where you will find totally validated and trustworthy online sites that will give you a real taste for online football betting.

What are the rules?

Aussie Rules Football Bet OnlineThe basic rules of Aussie football betting are simple – you need to pick the winner of the match and bet on that team. If you think that two teams are equally good, and you think that there might be a draw, you can bet on that option as well.

Every player should know that there are odds connected with every outcome the match may have. It will be best to present that with an example:

Let’s say there are two teams playing in the match. Team A has 1.61 odds to win and team B has 5.50 odds. Chances that the match will end in a draw amounting to 3.75. The number of odds shows how much money the bettor will get for every bet. Thanks to that, if you bet on team A, you will win $5.50 for every dollar you bet; if you choose team B, you will get $1.61 for every dollar. Accordingly, you will get $3.75 for each dollar you put on the draw. You can see how it works in real betting situations and play at real money casinos.

What are the various bets?

Due to the dearth of space and the huge number of bets in Aussies rules football, on the other hand, it is not possible for us to name and explain all the possible bets in football online betting. However, we will try to name a few popular ones. If you need to know more about bets then you can read the article Aussies Rules football betting types. Here are a few bets explained:

1. Totals

A Total bet is easy to figure out. In this, the one who places bets will make a prediction on the total of the points that both teams will score.

2. Parlays

Parlays are comprehensive in that you can put in all kinds of different wagers. So, maybe you can put three-point spread bets in one single parlay bet.

3. Handicap

A handicap is a bet that a bet maker places to even out any imbalances between the two teams. The team that is deemed stronger will be handicapped and start the game with negative points, while the “weaker” team will start with positive points. 

4. Moneylines

This kind of bet is as simple as just supporting a team and vouching for their chances of winning a game. The odds are simply based on whether your team has a good chance of winning or not.

Prominent events of football

Let us take you through the various top events where you can bet on Aussies Rules Football betting online. Here is a short list:

1. Australian Football League

The body that regulates the functioning of Aussies rules football is called the Australian Football League. This can be said to be the topmost professional championship of Australian football. It was originally known by the name of the Victorian Football League. All the senior players of Australian football can participate in the AFL which takes place every three years, since the year 2002.

2. Asian Australian Football Championships

The Asian Australian Football Championships takes place once every year where the clubs that are a part of the AFL Asia, participate and compete. This championship is also popularly called the Asian Champs or the AFL Asian Championships. It started first in the year 2000 and now more than 12 countries from Asia take part in this competition which is considered to be the height of Australian football.

3. Barassi Youth Tournament

All the junior players or aspiring professional players of Aussie rules football can play at the Barassi Youth tournament which is specifically meant for the youth who are below the age of 16 years. Just like the Australian Football International Cup, the Barassi Youth tournament can be said to be responsible for spreading the name of Australian football among the youth of the world. It is held in Australia once a year.

4. Atlantic Alliance Cup

The Atlantic Alliance Cup is organized in Australia after every 3 years. Clubs that belong to the North Atlantic, participate in this tournament. One basic rule for players who participate is that they should have been born in the country in which they are representing in the tournament.

Why should one bet online?

Betting online on sports gives you a double thrill of the ongoing sport. If we look at it from a historical perspective, then sports betting has been in vogue for quite a long precisely because of the fact that people find it fair and enjoy it to the fullest. A rise in the popularity of sports betting is seen today because people can do it from the comfort of their homes.

The entertainment value is great in online betting on football or any other sport in Australia and it also lets you win money. Let’s say, for instance, that you go out and pay money for entertainment like watching a movie, bowling, etc. So, you do the same in the case of sports betting, except for the fact that you also get winnings in return if you can bet smart.

So, do not miss such a golden opportunity to bet, have fun, and earn cash, all in one go. Start Aussies rules Football betting online now! The sites that we have mentioned above are a good place to start.

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