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The world is widely known for its passion for cricket. Those cricket aficionados who enjoy watching, playing and placing bets on cricket. For over a few decades, people have shared their fanaticism for cricket, and therefore cricket is one of the major betting markets in the sports industry!

Users often bet on local matches; however, betting on international matches takes all the limelight, and the best thing is that cricket matches are held almost every few months, which gives ample opportunities to bettors for betting.

Taking into consideration the passion for cricket betting, several cricket betting sites have popped up. However, not all of these are secure and dependable for betting. Therefore, here at CasinosHub we have researched and included the top online sports and cricket betting sites for users, which they can trust with their money. 

Major Cricket Tournaments

It is a fact that cricket is extremely popular and therefore, the sport is played at various levels, both nationally and internationally, throughout the world. The international cricket matches hold major significance because of the huge platform and betting opportunity they offer to bettors.

Some major cricket tournaments include:

·         The Ashes

The Ashes is a famous test series, which is played between Australia and England every two years as a series of five test matches. This is an intense and competitive fight between two countries that has produced some amazing matches throughout the years.

Australia won four out of the five tests, with the fifth one completing in a tie. The amazing fact is that ‘The Ashes’ series has been conducted for more than 70 times up till now, and the Australians are leading with 33 wins to England, with 32 wins. The five matches ended in a draw. 

·         ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a prestigious contest that includes one day of cricket, each of 50 overs. It is conducted every four years and was initially hosted in England in 1975. It is no wonder Australians have conquered the tournaments in the last few contests and have won them five times. They are regarded as one of the favourites, most sought-after team for the next ICC World Cup, which is to be held in 2019.

·         ICC Champions Trophy

Started in 1998, the ICC Champions Trophy is another popular One Day International contest that is conducted once every four years. In 2017, it was hosted in England and Wales. Pakistan won the series, defeating India, the opponents, in the final match. The next competition will be hosted in India in 2021.

·         ICC World T20

The ICC World T20 tournament is one of the most-celebrated events because of the excitement and zeal that it creates amongst players and spectators. It is generally conducted every two years. The West Indies successfully won the tournament twice, in 2012 and 2016.

Domestic Cricket Tournaments

·         The Big Bash

This is the domestic cricket tournament that includes eight cities and takes place in December and January. It was first inaugurated in 2011 and it soared to fame ever since. Taking into account the craze of punters for this tournament, most bookmakers introduce numerous Big Bash Promotions.

One of the most triumphant teams to date is The Perth Scorchers, who have won the contest three times up till now. The winners of the tournament held in 2017 and 2018 are the Adelaide Strikers.

·         The Sheffield Shield

This is yet another famous domestic tournament that was started in 1892/1893 and was fought amongst South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. New South Wales is the hero of this tournament and has been victorious about 44 times over the years. Victoria has currently dominated the series and has also been declared the winner three times in a row!

Popular Online Cricket Bets

Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting has evolved greatly over the last few years and it is not only about predicting the winning team anymore. Taking into view the passion for cricket and how keenly its watched and enjoys every cricket tournament, the boundaries of cricket betting have enormously increased!

Some of the common types of betting amongst users are:

  • Match Betting: Predicting the team who will win the match.
  • Outright Winner: Guessing the team who will win the entire tournament.
  • Series Winner: Placing a bet on the winning team of the series.
  • Most Sixes: Predicting the scorer of most sixes during the match.
  • Man of the Match: Placing a bet on the potential player who will win the title of the “Man of the Match”.

Every cricket match is exclusive, and it includes different players, countries, and conditions. Thus, the popularity of cricket bets may change for each match.

Why Bet on Cricket Online?

You will be glad to know that cricket sports betting is legal! Also, some of the world’s top online cricket betting websites are regulated by certain counrties. If you are hesitating to bet online with your cash, you need to know that all the top online betting sites are reputable and licensed; thus, offering the most secure and safest platform to their members. At most of the Bookies we recommend, you can also play online casino games and take advantage of lucrative welcome bonuses for your sports and cricket betting.

Is it worth it?

Betting on cricket online is for sure a lot of fun, however, you need to be prepared for the fact that you can lose. Betting on any kind of sport is always risky as we cannot be 100% sure what the result will be. Some people are lucky and earn more money than the others, it all depends on your luck, the player you bet on and if you counted your odds correctly. After some time, you will notice that you are able to have real money big wins on your betting account online.

If you want to be one of those people who win their bets, you will need patience. It might take a while before you are up to date with all the information you need to place the right bet. You have to be familiar with the chances of particular players to win and analyze every game. There are some easy systems but to be successful, you need to have your own, not rely on already existing ones. Bookmakers have gigantic data and statistics which they use every time for online betting.

On the other hand, who said you need to win all the time? It is a good feeling when you see that the player you bet on is the winner, but without that online cricket betting can be an exciting experience. You are learning how to play to be better and better and that is a good thing about it.

So, why don’t you take your passion for cricket to another level? Start betting on your favourite sport today and see the cash rolling into your account in no time!


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