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Brad King
by Brad King

 Are you a fan of online cricket betting and wondering how to increase your chances of winning? If yes, don’t worry as we are here to help you out! Simply go through this article and learn about cricket odds, and pick up some simple strategies to increase your chances of winning your bets.

Understanding Cricket Betting Odds

Online cricket betting websites make use of numerous types of odds formats. The most popular betting formats are Decimal Formats and Fractional Formats.

  • Fractional Formats: If you are aware of probability arithmetic, then you will be able to easily understand the fractional odds. These odds are symbolized as A/B where B, the denominator is equivalent to the amount of bet placed. The summation of the denominator and numerator denotes your yield. For instance, if you place a bet of $100 at odds of 8/1, then if you succeed, your payout or yield will be equal to $900 (800+100).
  • Decimal Formats: This is a common type of odds presented by most online bookies, primarily because it is simple to use. In this, your yield or payout is equal to the money you have wagered multiplied by the odds, and then the total subtracted by your initial bet. It is represented in this way: Payout = (odds X Bet Amount) – Bet Amount. Therefore, if you have placed a bet of $100 with the odds at 0.9, your total payout will be (9.0 X100) – 100 = $800.

Cricket Betting Tips

How to Win at Online Cricket BettingCricket matches are unpredictable, and it is challenging to accurately predict the outcome. However, there are several tried and tested strategies and betting tips that expert bettors use in order to make the right assessment.

Here is a compilation of the best online cricket betting tips to help punters:

  • Be Attentive: You will find many cricket betting markets, so make sure that you only bet on those that are well-known, reputed and thoroughly researched. Always decide beforehand on the types of bets you would like to place, as well as the sum of money you want to invest in cricket betting. If you are not sure, give yourself some time to research, and then start again.
  • Understand the form of teams: In order to predict the future performances of players, research and find out how they have performed in recent matches. It has been found that winners often continue winning because they are more motivated, and high in confidence. Sometimes, it might be enticing to place a bet against the losing team because the odds are high; however, you should only do so when you are ready to incur a loss.
  • Research thoroughly: Strategies are simple in cricket, but the conditions play a primary role; even the top international player can fall apart under unfavourable conditions. Proficient bettors study the gameplay of every cricket player to understand how they perform under pressure. They also keep track of previous match records and the forms of players before placing the bet. Placing a bet on a cricket match without having done proper research is surely risky, so make sure that you have researched, and that you know what you’re doing.
  • Follow Bookies: After gaining enough experience in online cricket betting, examine the data and try to estimate what the actual odds should be. You need to evaluate your estimation with the actual odds offered by bookies in order to determine how closely they relate. 
    If there is a huge difference, try to find out the probable reason, and become an expert in predicting odds and soon you will be able to identify the true opportunities to make big wins in cricket betting!
  • Search Multiple Betting Sites: It is also important that you do research and find the best-reputed sports betting websites online. There will be low odds for competitive teams on several websites; however, there can be a significant difference between several websites.

Online Cricket Betting Tips for Different Cricket Tournaments

  • Test Cricket: Learn about the stability of players, and the team, before placing bets on the test result, top batsman, and top scorer. Don’t always bet on your favourite team; rather check how the opponents are performing and then bet accordingly.
  • One Day Internationals: These matches are a favourite for numerous punters around the world since there is a large amount of data available that will allow you to understand the form, and winning trends between fighting teams and the way the venues affect the gameplay!
  • In-Play Betting: However tempting it is to place bets on every hour of the match once it has started, make sure that you make the best decision when betting. Don’t just go with your intuition and emotion; only place bets that are backed by proper data and research.

Make More Money Betting On Cricket 

When you wager on cricket, it is not always about picking your favourite team but rather choosing the player or the team that has higher odds of winning. Once you become more experienced in online betting, you can gradually move between various markets and betting lines so that you can boost your chances of winning more.

No bet is definite, and therefore you should be practical when placing your bets. Keep your hopes and confidence high, but always keep in mind that cricket matches are unpredictable. We always motivate responsible gambling and betting only when you have enough funds.  As long as you are following the correct rules and are betting responsibly, there is no reason that you should stop yourself from indulging in one of the best betting activities out there!

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