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Brad King
by Brad King

One cannot think about gambling and not consider the risks involved. Before you turn to gamble, you need to be mentally prepared to undergo losses. So, given the fact that losses will be involved, the next step is to take precautions to minimize those risks. Doing this will make the sport a lot more fun and will also let you earn more.

We cannot promise that we will definitely give you the shortcut to success, but we can definitely try to help by maximizing your chances of winning.  Taking into account the love that people harbour for the game of Aussie Rules football in Australia, we have come up with a few tricks that will tell them how to bet on Aussies rules football and win.

Here are the top 10 strategies:

1. Management of your Bankroll

This step is the first and the foremost step on your road to winning bets at online Aussie rules football betting. Managing your money haphazardly will soon drive you to bankruptcy, irrespective of how big an expert you are at making predictions. And, achieving this is not difficult. You need to set a limit of the amount that you will bet and some basic rules which you will not defy. So, disciplining oneself and knowing one’s boundaries is the key.

2. Be Picky

The last thing you want to do in football betting is to place too many bets all at once and lose a lot of money. If you want to bet long-term and stick at your game, the key is to bet in a way that focuses on quality. Winning does not depend on placing a lot of wagers. You better place a wager on only some games rather than placing bets on every game each week.

Aussie Rules Football Betting - Strategies to Win3. Know Your Maths

You might think that making predictions is what betting at football is all about but it is much more than just that. You need to know the mathematical calculations and the probability factor of every bet that you place. This will help you to compare your wager with odds that the bookmaker is offering you.

4. Critically Look at Your Betting Records

You might be a pro at betting but it is always good to keep your feet grounded. Always look back at your earlier performances at betting and try to rectify whatever minor mistakes you may have made. One way to do this is to maintain clear records of the bets that you place on a spreadsheet. Every time you make a bet, make sure you enter that on your spreadsheet.

Accumulator bets, as the name suggests, means the bets that accumulate multiple bets in one single bet. So, you can place numerous bets on different matches and there is no limit on the number of games. Although it might seem that the profits are huge, so are the risks. We suggest that you go for the ones that give you a refund for your bet if one of your choices does not win.

6. Do Not Miss the Refunds

Refunds are a sort of promotions that are given to football bettors that ensures that you get your bet amount back in some particular cases. One of the popular refunds is when a game culminates 0:0. This is a very popular refund but there are a host of other options that you can find online.

7. Off-Season Practice

It is true that the zeal of watching matches and betting on them is greater when tournaments are going on. But, there are times when there will be no leagues and this is the perfect time for you to prepare. Instead of lazing around, try to prepare your strategies, do your research, watch previous matches, so that you are well-equipped for the upcoming leagues.

8. Keep a Tab on Your Game

One of the biggest errors you can commit as a bettor is to not know enough about your game, in this case, Aussie rules football. We suggest you watch matches all the time and keep a tab on how different teams are performing. Make your own statistics as a part of your background research and rely on that. In this way, you will have a clear idea of the current situation of the teams and you do not have to depend on anyone’s help.

9. Keep Your Options Open

Whenever you shop for something online, you consider various options, don’t you? In a similar fashion, you should consider that options that are available to you. The options will differ in terms of their odds and the lines. This task might seem tedious but will actually prove to be quite fruitful when you think about your long-term results. Check out various online sites that offer to bet on football and compare the odds and the lines they offer for each wager.

10. Be Professional

When one is betting on football, it is not always possible not to have a weakness for a particular team. However, do not let this get on the way of your betting. If you see that your favourite team is not keeping up to its performance level, then do not commit the mistake of betting on that team. Bet with your calculative brain and not with your heart. 

You can also check out our sports betting strategies article for more sports betting tricks.

Now that you know some quick tips and tricks to bet like a pro, what are you waiting for? Start betting on online Aussie rules football today!

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