Awesome Playlist for Passionate Online Casino Players

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Awesome Playlist For Passionate Gamblers

Without a doubt, the music scene in the world is home to a rich plethora of beautiful songs that revolve around pretty much any topic under the Sun. Needless to say, gambling is one of them. After all, gambling is one of the all-time favourite pastimes for some people, so it would seem only natural for many songwriters and artists to dedicate a few songs to it.

If you are a casino aficionado and you already have your own motivational playlist you like to hit play on whenever you are getting ready to attend a nerve-wracking tournament at a top real money casino or you are just curious to learn more about this topic, keep reading.

What Kind Of Player Are You, Music-Wise?

The Player Who Listens To Inspiring Tunes FTW

Do you usually listen to motivational music to get hyped before or during a gaming session online? Lots of people do, and one of their favourite go-to songs is the pop song “You Spin Me Round” released over three and a half decades ago by the band Dead or Alive. The song is particularly suitable for roulette players, but it is also a good fit for pokies for real money fans who love seeing those Immortal Romance pokie reels spin again and again, in hopes of landing a big win.

The Player Who Sticks To The Default Game Music

Some players choose to simply listen to the default background music provided by the games themselves, especially when it comes to top-quality pokies from some of the most reputable software providers in the world. An adrenaline-pumping jingle and cheerful song will usually suffice to make you keep hitting the spin button on those reels, especially when the Book of Dead jackpots are huge.

The Player Who Enjoys Themed Pokie Soundtracks

Of course, there is also the category of games that feature entire soundtracks belonging to famous superhero blockbuster movies that have been beautifully turned into pokies, such as Thor, Game of Thrones and The Avengers.

The Player Who Enjoys The Silence

There are, of course, those who would rather enjoy the silence and exclusively focus on the action unfolding on their screens. Depending on the games they choose to play, be it a strategic game of poker that requires their skill and concentration, or a relaxed game of online roulette or pokies, some players might choose to mute any sounds and let tKiller Playlist For Passionate Gamblers he visuals stimulate their thinking instead. To each his own.

Little River Band's “Playing To Win”

This song is one of the most popular and iconic songs in the history of music and revolves around topics like sports and gambling. In fact, the song created such a big impact on the public that Channel Seven turned it into the anthem of the VFL season back in 1985. The song is one of Farnham's classic releases and you should definitely add it to your gambling playlist for an extra burst of energy and motivation.

Whitlams' “Blow Up the Pokies” Song

The sensitive topic of problem gambling as personally experienced by the bass player of the band Andy Lewis is what inspired this gambling-themed song and it is not all about glamour and luck. The song managed to climb to the 21st position on the ARIA charts soon after its official release back in 1999 as it was included in the band's “Love This City” album.

Other Songs About Gambling You Need To Listen To

Local bands and artists are not the only ones to give the world cool gambling-themed songs that make for an excellent source of inspiration while wagering. Here are a few examples from the international music scene that we believe you would enjoy adding to your playlist as well:

Stephen Stills' Black Queen

Still is not only considered one of the least appreciated or most underrated skilled guitar players in the seventies, but he is also famous for his song called “Black Queen”. The masterpiece was entirely dedicated to gambling and his lyrics “Black Queen, holding hearts/ Black Queen, tear the game apart/ Black Queen, don't you know/ Can't beat aces all in a row” is suggestive enough to convince you to give it a go.

Got the “Gambler’s Blues”? Listen To B.B King's Song

Do yourself a favour and search for the live version of the song if you truly wish to capture all the essence of yet another B.B. King iconic track. The song mostly revolves around the recreation that wagering on your favourite games will bring to you, and you are prone to enjoy it if you happen to be a passionate player yourself.

Kenny Rogers' The Gambler

Finally, Kenny Rogers's The Gambler is a song that any die-hard casino player will want to add to their list of gambling songs to get them in the mood to play. 

If you are simply looking to add an extra boost of relaxation or excitement to your regular gambling sessions online, play any of these songs in the background and we guarantee you are going to have a blast.

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