Who Are the Top 5 Online Casino Streamers?

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Top 5 Online Gambling Streamers

Wanna learn how to play a certain online casino game before gambling with your own money? Or do you want to see how good it looks, how well it plays, and how much it pays? Or maybe you’d just like to get some ideas about all the new casino games you should play?

Whatever the reason might be, watching some gambling streamers in action would be a smart thing to do. These guys stream themselves playing online casino games using streaming platforms such as Twitch, Kick, or YouTube.

So, which of the gambling streamers should you give a chance to? Or, maybe you yourself are thinking about becoming a slot streamer yourself? We’ve picked out five of the best online casino streamers as you can see for yourself if you keep on reading. Also, check out our list of the most recommended online casinos so that you can try your hand at becoming as successful as these top 5 casino streamers!


  • Real Name(s): Anton Joelsson, Eric Joelsson, and Matthias Joelsson
  • Preferred Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Number of Followers: ~191,000
  • Streaming Niche: Slots, Poker
  • Claim to Fame: Streaming channel run by three brothers from Sweden

Anton Joelsson, Eric Joelsson, and Matthias Joelsson are three brothers from Sweden who teamed up to share their gambling exploits on Twitch. They work in shifts, streaming between 10 and 20 hours a day, seven days a week.

Their No. 1 focus is slots streaming, but they also sometimes do share streams of them playing online poker. It’s usually Texas hold’em they play, although they don’t often do well in this game. Nevertheless, followers do like watching all of their streams as the three Swedish brothers frequently have some giveaways for their fans, including real money, free bets, free slots spins, and so on.


  • Real Name: Ishmael Schwartz
  • Preferred Streaming Platform: Kick
  • Number of Followers: ~150,000
  • Streaming Niche: Slots
  • Claim to Fame: Roshtein has been actively streaming slots since 2016

Within the last couple of years, Twitch has done a lot to deal with gambling streamers who promote unlicensed gambling. Back in 2016, the platform banned CS:GO streamer James “Phantoml0rd” Varga for life for promoting an unlicensed esports gambling site.

More recently, the Amazon-owned company has banned the promotion of slots, roulette, and dice gambling sites that do not have an operating license issued by a gaming authority from the United States. As a result, many streamers promoting such sites decided to leave the platform, most notably, Roshtein.

On Twitch, he’s got more than 1 million followers, but he’s no longer streaming there. Instead, he’s switched his allegiance to the Kick platform, where he has roughly 150,000 followers at the moment. Knowing how enchanting his content is – online slots and table game streaming – it’s very likely that he’s gonna get more subscribers in the near future.


  • Real Name: Corinna Kopf
  • Preferred Streaming Platform: Kick
  • Number of Followers: ~100,000
  • Streaming Niche: Slots
  • Claim to Fame: Logan Paul’s ex-girlfriend and a current OnlyFans model

Corinna Kopf is another former Twitch superstar who decided to move elsewhere. Like the streamers we discussed previously, she too is available on Kick. Unlike them, however she’s also on OnlyFans, but she’s not doing gambling streams on that platform.

She’s not too active on Kick either, creating only a couple of slots-playing streams a month. Nevertheless, she still has a big fan base, who’ve moved with her to Kick. There are roughly 100,000 people who follow her on this platform, which is actually a great number as she’s only moved there a couple of months ago.


  • Real Name: Tyler Faraz Niknam
  • Preferred Streaming Platform: Kick
  • Number of Followers: ~196,000
  • Streaming Niche: Slots
  • Claim to Fame: Used to be the most popular gambling streamer on Twitch

At one point, Trainwreckstv was one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, and we’re not just talking about the slots and gambling category. His main source of money has been the promotion of online gambling sites such as Stakes.com. When such sites got banished from Twitch, he decided to move to Kick.

The number of subscribers he has on Kick is roughly one-sixth of the number of followers he has on Twitch. However, it’s very likely that the number will increase once Trainwreckstv starts streaming more regularly. Right now, he’s doing it once every couple of days.


  • Real Name: Flávio Fernandes
  • Preferred Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Number of Followers: ~1,800,000
  • Streaming Niche: Slots
  • Claim to Fame: One of the most popular South American streamers

Jukes is making his content in Portuguese, the language spoken in his home country of Brazil. With 1.8 million followers on Twitch, he’s one of the most popular streamers from South America.

Gambling streaming is only a side job for this guy. He’s a former esports player whose main passion is streaming his League of Legends exploits. Still, he does make gambling streams from time to time as well. Jukes almost exclusively plays slots, which seem to be the preference of his followers, the evidence of which is that some of those streams have had tens of thousands of viewers.

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