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Basketball is a non-contact game played by two teams. Each team has five players, and each of them tries to score against one another by shooting the ball through a ten feet-elevated hoop. Basketball is played on a court (rectangular floor) with a hoop at each end.  The ball is moved toward the basket by dribbling or passing. The team with the ball is known as the offense, and the one without is the defense. Players try to contest shots, steal the ball, garner rebounds, and take and deflect passes.

What is basketball betting?

basketball scoreSince basketball is an exciting game and one of the best sports you can place a wager on, betting on basketball games has become huge within the U.S. including in other countries from different parts of the world.

There are two main basketball betting levels namely:

  • NCAA (College basketball betting) – its season runs from October to early April
  • NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball betting – this is the professional basketball that has games almost every night throughout the winter.

Basketball Major Events

Betting on a basketball game at online casinos is very exciting, whether you choose the pro game or the college game. Both levels offer numerous opportunities for you to bet on basketball games and major events. Here are some of the events you wouldn’t want to miss out on:

  • NBA All-Star Game – this is an exciting event for betting on. You don’t necessarily have to bet on the game but also on the things surrounding the game. One can bet on the NBA Dunk Contest, Rookie Game, 3-point contest as well as the NBA All-Star game.
  • NBA Championship – this event gets fair bets every year. It’s a 7-game series, so you’ll get to bet for several weeks.  It is fun to bet on the Championship since the games are televised nationally, meaning they get lots of publicity.
  • NCAA March Madness – March Madness is becoming the most bet-on sporting event each year. The event starts in mid-March whereby the 64-team bracket is set. The games are usually held from Thursdays to Saturdays all day long.
  • NCAA Final Four & Championship – the Final Four is an extension of the March Madness. At this level, we only have four remaining teams from March Madness. The teams play out this championship over a weekend until Monday.

Strategy and Tips to Use to Bet on Basketball Games

There are numerous things you will need to consider when betting on basketball such as:

  • Home Court – You need to know who the away, and home teams are. Usually, there are home-court advantages when it comes to basketball games. Consider this as you decide on the team you’ll place your bet on.
  • Injuries – It’s necessary to check the report on injuries before placing your bet. One major injury on any key player could change the line hence affecting your basketball bet.
  • Matchups – Understanding the matchups between both teams is key to becoming an excellent basketball bettor. Know who the teams played and how the strategies and players match up against one another before betting.

Types and Odds slam dunk in basketballof Basketball Bets

Discussed below are the types of basketball bets you’ll find. Hopefully, you will get to know how each of them works so as to improve your betting skills.

Spread Betting

This is a popular form of betting where Sportsbooks set a spread on professional and college basketball games. A spread is the number of points a team is favoured to beat another team by.

For example, if a spread is set at 4.5 for a certain team, it means that the team is a favourite to win the game by 4.5 points. While betting, you can choose the favourite or the underdog. Your team must win the set spread or a defined specific point. For this example, the team would have to win by five so that you can win the bet. If you chose the underdog, you can lose or win by 4 points and still win the spread bet.

Moneyline Betting

When it comes to moneyline betting, you will be betting on the team that wins the game straight up. The team picked need not win by points as long as they win the game.

Basketball Over/Under Betting

In this form of betting a total is set for each basketball game. Your bet on the final score (combining both teams plus any overtime) and you’ll need to go under or over that defined total.

Top NBA Teams you can BeNBA Basketball betting tipst on Basketball Games

Dallas Mavericks – they are ranked first because their point per game is 109.3 and they are 8-3 against the spread.

Portland Trailblazers – their victory margin is 8.5 points with an 8-3 spread. They also have great offense and defense.

Milwaukee Bucks – they are 8-3 against the spread and 6-5 straight up.

Golden State Warriors – have an 8 and 3 straight-up record and their spread is 7-3.

Orlando Magic – is 8-4 against the spread and 5 and 7 straight up.

Patience and watchful game selection is the key to success. Don’t force bets, and make wagers when you are confident in your play. If you are unlucky, do not chase losses but rather be patient and consistent and you will win money eventually.


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