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Boxing Betting Online

by Brad King
| 20/12/2022

There are few sports in the world that are as synonymous with betting as boxing. When huge fights come around, they captivate audiences from around the globe, and the only way to truly feel embraced by the event if you aren’t able to attend is by placing a wager on the action.

All of the leading sportsbooks around the world offer markets for the biggest bouts of the year, but what should gamblers be on the lookout for when it comes to online boxing betting? In this detailed overview, we will go through the factors to look out for before signing up for a sportsbook, as well as the betting markets that you can expect to bet on.

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Brief Overview of Boxing History

Boxing Betting OnlineProfessional boxing bouts are the most lucrative events in the world of sports, as these typically have prestigious titles on the line. Professional boxing was previously known as prizefighting, as the purses for both fighters involved would be larger than they would for any other match-up. The first prizefighting events took place in London at a private club in 1891, before titles were introduced in 1909.

Of course, the biggest stars would be the ones that would be involved in the most lucrative bouts, with these having huge numbers for sales. For example, the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquaio in 2015 broke records for the highest sales, with nearly six million people purchasing the event. Other worldwide stars, such as Anthony Joshua, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson, have also regularly sold more than a million in fight sales.

Tips to Find a Sportsbook

Before gamblers can even begin to think about placing their first bet on the boxing action, it is important to sign up for an online sportsbook that offers a dedicated boxing betting experience. This can often be testing for new customers, but there are a number of checks that can be made to ensure a positive experience.

First of all, it is important that players feel safe when they are playing online, which means ensuring that the sportsbook has a betting license. This will make sure that the sportsbook is regulated and has passed stern tests on fairness. This will also make sure that personal details that are needed to create an account are safely stored.

Next, it comes to assessing the welcome offers that are available. This is a must for all new customers, as welcome offers ensure that new customers can get a bonus for signing up with the sportsbook. Welcome offers come in a variety of ways, including a no deposit bonus. But, the most popular that can be found by the most trusted sportsbooks are matched deposits. This would give players double the amount of money to play with after making their first deposit into their account.

The final, and potentially more relevant check that gamblers must make is to examine the betting markets that are available. There would be no point looking to make a boxing bet, and then signing up for an account that either doesn’t offer the option to bet on the sport or has limited markets available. Checking the site before even considering all the other aspects would save time for creating an account should the sportsbook not boast the selection of markets that you’re looking for.

How To Bet On Boxing

After finding the sportsbook that is perfect for your needs when it comes to boxing, it is important to understand how to place a wager online. The way to place a bet is relatively straightforward, and can be done by following these simple steps:

  • Login to your account with the sportsbook that you have signed up for.
  • Find the ‘Boxing’ section in the list of available sports in the sportsbook.
  • Find the bout that you want to make a wager on, and select the fight.
  • The full list of available betting markets will then appear.
  • Once you have made your selection, it will be added to your bet slip.
  • You then enter the stake that you wish to place on the wager, and select ‘Place Bet’.

Boxing Betting Odds

One of the most important factors to consider before placing a bet on the biggest upcoming boxing bouts is the odds. This will have a direct impact on the returns that you can expect to get from the wager. Boxing odds are relatively easy to understand and can be found in fractional, decimal, and American layouts. Fractional is the easiest to understand, and we will use this as an example to explain.

If a fighter is 2/1 to win their upcoming fight, then a $10 wager will return $30 should the selection be correct. $20 of those returns will be made up from the odds that you have betted on, while the remaining $10 is the stake returned. The same odds in American format are displayed as +200, while the decimal layout is 3.0, as it takes into account the stake being returned.

Boxing Betting Markets

Online Sports Betting - BoxingBefore making a bet on the selection of markets that are available when it comes to boxing betting, customers must ensure that they understand what each of the markets available is. This includes understanding how to gain returns on wagers on the respective markets that are available. Below, we will go through some of the most prominent betting markets that can be found with the leading sportsbooks.

Match Betting

The easiest betting market to understand when it comes to placing wagers on the sport is match betting. There are three options available in this market, with the two fighters involved both being an option. The third selection is the draw, which typically has higher odds given that draws in boxing are a rarity.

Gaining returns from this market is the most straightforward to understand, as bets simply need to be placed on the fighter that wins the fight. If the selection is incorrect, then the stake is lost. However, it is one of the few betting markets in boxing that isn’t very lucrative.

Round Betting

A more popular way of betting on the winner of the fight is found in the round betting market. Here, gamblers must successfully predict the winner of the fight, as well as the round that they will win in. Both factors must be correct to get the returns from the bet.

That means if you bet on Anthony Joshua to win in round five, then that must be the outcome to gain the returns. Gamblers will be able to bet on each of the fighters to win in any of the 12 rounds. The draw is also another option in this market. However, if you want to bet on one of the fighters to win points, then this can’t be done in this market.

Method of Victory

If you’re unsure about betting on one fighter in a specific round, then the method of victory could be the best option. Bets in this market will consist of one fighter beating their opponent by a particular method. The two methods available are points and KO/TKO. Like the round betting market, both parts of the bet must be correct to get returns.

That means that if you bet on Tyson Fury to win on points, then the fight must go the distance, and Fury must get the decision. Should Fury win by TKO/KO, then the stake would be lost. Once again, the draw is a betting option in this market.

Group Round Betting

Picking a specific round that a fighter could win in may be tricky, which means group round betting is a standout market. Here, gamblers would get a group selection of rounds that they could also win on. In this market, gamblers typically get three rounds, which means after selecting a fighter that will win, you must then decide whether they will win in rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, or 10-12.

If you bet on Canelo Alvarez to win in rounds 7-9 and he claims victory in round 8, then the bet would be a winner. However, if it is any round outside of seven and nine, then the stake is lost.

Unique Boxing Betting Markets

The markets mentioned above are the most prominent for betting on the sport. However, there are other types of markets that can be found with some of the leading online boxing betting sites. Some of the markets that are straightforward to understand, as bets can just be placed on yes or no, include:

  • Will the fight go the distance?
  • Will both fighters be knocked down?
  • Fighter To win in 60 seconds

Tips For Boxing Betting

Betting on boxing is far harder than simply placing a wager on a fighter simply because you have heard of the star in the past. There are a number of tips that gamblers should follow to ensure that they make the best possible bet for the match-up that they are placing a wager on.

Professional Records

The records of the fighters involved are essential reading before making a bet. Professionals that are unbeaten often stand a very good chance of claiming victory, while streaks should also be found. If a fighter has lost their last two, then they may not be a good bet.

Preferred Method of Victory

This is a critical piece of research for gamblers that want to bet on method betting. In the record of the boxers, gamblers can also see how many fights that they have won and lost by knockout and points decisions. This should be studied before making a selection.

Does Home Advantage Count?

Home advantage could play a big part in the biggest boxing match-ups, as vocal hometown support could spur on the fighter to produce their best display. That means studying where the fight is happening and whether one of the stars gets an advantage is encouraged.

After studying all the boxing betting markets and understanding the tips to follow, gamblers can begin to place bets on the sport.

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