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Casino offers don’t end at slots, cards, roulette, and other common casino games. Some of them also include sports bettinAustralian rugby league teamg in their offer. The biggest advantage of betting on sports is that you can cash in your knowledge, rather than relying only on luck. If you’re a passionate fan of a certain sport, like rugby, for instance, you can use that knowledge to improve your winning chances.

In fact, some people argue that sports betting comes with a huge winning chance, unlike casino games. Even if that wasn’t the case, one thing is certain – sports betting will add extra excitement to the experience of watching a game. If your favorite rugby team wins, you will be happy not just because of their success but also because your bankroll grew bigger.

Pros of Online Rugby Betting

Originating in 19th-century England, rugby football is one of the world’s most popular contact team sports. There are two versions of this game – rugby league and rugby union. The latter version is more popular across the planet, thus it has become synonymous with the word rugby. Still, this rule does not apply to Australia, where rugby league has a slight advantage.

The rugby league is extremely popular among Aussies, especially in the states like New South Wales and Queensland. Actually, the most successful teams in the Australian National Rugby League come from those two states – South Sydney Rabbitohs, Cronulla Sharks, North Queensland Cowboys, St. GOnline Rugby betting at Australia Casinoeorge Illawarra Dragons, Brisbane Broncos, etc.

Apart from the Australian national league, there are many other rugby league competitions around the world. One that always attracts a lot of attention is the Rugby League World Cup, an international tournament, which happens every 4 years. You’ll be pleased to hear that the current world champion is Australia!

There are many more rugby championships out there, especially in Europe. The fact is that all of them are super-exciting, although not many Aussies are even familiar with them. Actually, Australians tend not to bet often on those leagues. The reason for that is the time difference.

For example, if a match is taking place in the afternoon in England, you won’t be able to bet on it in a regular brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Why? Because when it’s afternoon in Europe, it’s the middle of the night in Australia!

The solution, of course, is to forget about traditional bookies. Instead, start betting on rugby at online sportsbooks and casinos. Luckily, CasinosHub is here to help you.

How to Bet on Rugby Games

The 3-way outcome bets are the most popular types of bets for both rugby union and rugby league games. Basically, you’re betting on which team is going to win the game. This type of bet also allows you to put your money on a tie, which usually comes with the highest odds of all three options. Usually, the odds on favorites are pretty low, so in order to win big money, you would need to place large bets.

Another popular betting market is the Asian handicap. The bookies set a winning marking that a team needs to surpass. This is best explained with an example. Let’s say North Queensland Cowboys are taking on Cronulla Sharks in the National Rugby League and the bookie has set the handicap of -6.5 points on the hosts. This means that if you bet on North Queensland Cowboys -6.5, they will need to beat the Sharks with at least a 7-point difference.Online sports and Rugby betting

In essence, the Asian handicap makes betting on favourites a bit harder to hit. But, in return, it makes the odds higher. Actually, in general, the point handicap is set so that the odds are the same on both outcomes (or differ just slightly). The market called over/under works similarly. In order to win, you need to guess correctly whether the total number of points in a game will be over or under a margin set by the bookie.

Apart from match betting, most sportsbooks also allow placing outright bets. For example, you can bet on the winning team of the competition, the player of the year, the top try scorer, the top point scorer, etc. Usually, the odds for outrights are pretty favorable, with many sportsbooks using them to promote their rugby betting offer. The only downside of outright betting is that you need to wait for the competition to end before you can collect the prizes.

Where to Bet on Casino Rugby?

If you’re a rugby fan, you will be pleased to hear that there are lots of casino rugby offers on the internet. In fact, a huge number of online bookies and casinos have rugby betting on their offer. The problem is that the odds are not the same on every website. The fact is that many bookies set large profit margins on rugby bets or include commissions that are unfavorable to the players.

That is why it is crucial to find the casino with the best offer! Our job is doing casino reviews in order to help out players find the best offers. So, in order to find the best casinos for rugby betting you just need to check out our recommended sites. You can be sure that at these recommended online casinos you will be able to find all kinds of rugby betting markets with sensational odds.

Rugby betting – it is fun, it’s real and it pays out! Find the best casino rugby websites at CasinosHub and start placing bets!

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