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If you’re new to online betting, it’s important to understand the main types of online bets available. Betting types, also called betting markets, are easy to grasp and don’t require advanced knowledge, but truly understanding how to adjust your odds and choose the best betting market for each sport is a winning strategy!

Most Popular Types of Bets

Win bets are also called moneyline wagers and it is one of the most common types of wagers. This is due to their simplicity and versatility in use. This bet type can be used in all types of sports and it requires punters to choose who they think will win a game/event.

Margin betting requires you to select both the right team and the correct margin. This particular form of betting has the bookmaker breaking up the number of possible outcomes. They do this by adding a margin. The margin can be a short points range or a broad range. This type of bet is provided by the biggest bookmakers in the world, and the most popular sports include AFL, NRL and basketball.

Point spread bets are the most popular types of sports bets at the moment. Also referred to as an equaliser, the point spread is created by sportsbooks for games in order for each of the competing teams to have an almost even chance to win the respective game. Think of it as a way of evening the field for both teams, as well as the primary argument why bettors decide to risk their money on any of the teams. The favourite is a term that defines the more powerful team in a game. They have to win by the point spread provided by the bookie. You will find the favourite having a negative (minus) point spread. The underdog is the worse of the teams. The punter wins provided this team wins the game or loses by an amount that is smaller than the equaliser. The underdog is listed as having a plus point spread.

Handicap bets influence the manner in which odds are displayed. Also called line bets, these are some of the most common types of bets punters currently use. Bookmakers handicap one team by setting a margin in order to make the game equal. In other words, the event with varied odds is transformed into an even-money contest. Bookies give virtual advantages/disadvantages to certain competitors in order to even the field. The margin is also called the line. Line rating is normally used for events that feature two possible outcomes. Line or handicap bets can be taken on line betting markets, as well as markets that allow you to choose your own line.

In handicap betting, the handicap exclusively applies to the selection people choose to bet on.

Futures bets are wagers placed on events that will occur sometime in the future. Users can place bets on the team they believe will win the game, who will win the division or the league, and other similar potential outcomes. While Futures Odds can be found at almost any reliable sportsbook, keep in mind some of them have a limited selection of wagers they will take.

Prop bets are considered types of bets that are placed more for the fun factor and less for the win. However, not all of these bets require punters to simply do some guesswork. Props or specials are bets on certain aspects of a sports event that will not directly influence the final outcome of a game. For example, betting on which team will score the first goal.

Multi bets have started to gain more and more popularity during recent years. These types of bets are a mix of one or more different bets into just one bet. The odds multiply with each extra bet. Once a leg proves to be successful, the original bet, as well as the dividend, are bet on the upcoming leg. At times, there may be restrictions concerning the number of legs bettors can choose to be part of a multi bet.

Fixed odds betting refers to a type of bet that offers a fixed price for an event at any given moment in time. This means the bettor will receive the respective price no matter what happens with the respective price once the bets have been placed. These bets are usually part of sportsbooks that do not offer any tote betting or top fluc bets.

Over/Under bets or betting on totals is easy to grasp. The punter needs to wager that the total points that will be scored in a game will fall over/under a previously established number by the sportsbook. Game totals can be influenced by the public.

Parlay bets involve linking a series of single bets in order to create a single parlay bet. They are more difficult to win, as users need to get every selection right. If just a single selection is wrong, the entire bet is lost. However, these bets come with highly appealing returns when bettors win their wagers.

Live betting refers to placing a bet during a sports event. The bookmaker will start changing the odds once the event begins depending on the state of play of the respective event. This type of betting is usually available for all types of bets. It is also referred to as in play betting.

Tote betting is a type of betting that encompasses all similar types of bets into a single pool. The winning dividend will be determined by dividing the total size of the pool by the number of bets that have won. Win, place, or trifecta are just a few of the most common types of tote bets.

Expert Advice

Keep in mind, not all bookmakers offer the same betting types on all sports. This is why it is important to carefully assess each of the bookmakers you are considering using and make sure you select one (or a few) that offer bet types that are fully compatible with your needs. Make sure you also take into consideration any free bonus bets you could place when registering a new account online. This is another important criterion when shopping for new sportsbooks.

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