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The sport of kings. One of the most majestic sports on the planet. Horse racing is an ancient sport that continues to flourish even today, and its lovers are some of its most loyal fans. With hundreds of horse racing events and different horse racing bet types, people have every reason to back their favorites.

If you are new to the horse race betting scene, you must start by knowing what the main types of online horse race bets you could opt for are. These bets are not hard to grasp and they do not require punters to have any advanced knowledge in the field.

Win Bets

horse racing bets These are the simplest types of horse racing bets to consider as a new punter. They require you to place a bet on the horse that you think will run the fastest and come out with flying colours at the finish line. You may also hear some punters refer to this bet as “on the nose” or “straight up”.

Place Bets

Place bets require punters to wager on the horse they think will finish first, second or third. Do not expect any huge wins, as the odds for these bets are usually one-quarter of win bets. Plus, the majority of bookmakers online require there to be at least eight horses in a race in order to pay three places. If this is not the case in the race you have selected, the NTD (no third dividend) applies, which means only the first and second places will be paid.

Each Way Bets

This type of horse race bet is a mix of the previous two types of horse racing bets. If your selected horse wins the run, you will win both the win and the place bet. Provided they come in second or third, you will lose the win bet but win the place bet.

Exotic Horse Racing Betting Types Online

Quinella Bets

This type of bet will require you to choose the first two horses in the race, no matter the order, and your Quinella bet will be a winner. The dividends for this bet are issued in accordance with the pool money and are made public at the end of the race.

Exacta Bets

These bets ask punters to select the exact order in which their favourite horses will make it to the finish line. It’s a more demanding bet compared to the Quinella, but you can also expect higher payouts.

Trifecta Bets

Choose the winning horse, as well as the second and third place, and win the bet for a most rewarding win.

Boxed Quinella/Exacta/Trifecta Bets

Boxing the previously reviewed exotic bets means choosing those horses that are expected to finish in the top two or top three. You will be asked to pay more for placing these bets, as you will be wagering on all horse combinations. Provided any combination of your chosen horses finishes first and second or first-second-third, you will be prompted to collect your winnings.

First Four Bets

This bet is one of the most rewarding types of horse race bets you could opt for. The catch is to solve the puzzle and choose those exact horses that will finish first, second, third, and fourth in the race.

Quadrella Bets

This type of bet is one of the most spectacular in terms of exotic bets, as it can turn a small investment into a whopping win. You will be asked to choose the winning horse in four nominated races during a particular race meet. (usually, the last remaining four races of the event) The collect will be calculated by dividing the prize pool among the winning combinations.

Multiple Horse Race Betting Types

Online Horse Racing Bet TypesDaily Double Bets

These bets mix in two single bet types over two distinct horse races. Both of your preferred horses have to win in order for you to win the dividend.

Treble Bets

These bets require punters to choose the winner of three different treble races.

Quaddie Bets

Bettors have to select the winner of four nominated quaddie races.

Straight 6 Bets

These bets require bettors to choose the winning horse for each of the six nominated big races.

Flexi Bets

Punters can bet a percentage of a betting unit instead of paying the bet cost for a full $1 unit.

Horse Race Sports Bet Types

Fixed Odds

These odds give users the current fixed price for a horse racing event at any given moment in time. The price on display will be the price you will be guaranteed.

Line Betting

Line betting is another horse racing bet where the bookmaker will handicap a certain team by setting a margin, making the game equal. The term used for the respective margin is the line.

Lay Betting

Bettors can back an outcome to either lose or ‘not happen’.

Multi Bets

Multi bets ask bettors to mix some single bets into a unique bet, with the odds multiplying with each new successful leg.

Margin Betting

The bookmaker will break up the number of possible outcomes by adding a margin. As a user, you will have to choose both the right race result and the correct margin.

Live Betting

Punters need to place their bets during the horse race event, with the odds changing during it.

If you are a horse racing fan and you would like to win a small fortune by betting online, rely on these bet types and improve your chances of making a nice profit. Choose one of the bookmakers we have reviewed for you and enjoy your betting experience to the fullest!

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